March 21, 2010

Family Night

Either Friday or Saturday night we have family night at our house. This tradition is done every weekend except for the weekend I work. So for the last 3 years every 3rd weekend I worked nights and would have to go to work at 7. That meant after dinner I missed out on the family fun event. This weekend is my first weekend of NO NIGHTS!!!! Yesterday I had an early shift and got off at 3 so I was so excited to get family night started. We couldn't decide what to do but cabin fever helped us make the final decision. We made sandwiches and filled the cooler with drinks and grabbed some snacks and headed for the open road. We drove up Monarch and enjoyed going down memory lane. The kids had fun in the back of the Excursion singing, dancing and being incredibly silly. We wanted to get the kids out and run but we were surprised at how much snow was up there! The unanimous vote was to eat in the vehicle. The camera decided not to accompany us on the trip but if it had there would be some great pictures. One of a road sign that had so much snow up it that you could only see the words "watch for high", Mason "driving" and turning on the blinkers while we were stopped to eat our dinner, multiple shots of the yahoos in the back dancing, singing etc.

It was an awesome evening!