February 19, 2010


I have often wondering if I made the BEST career choice. I really love my job but for awhile I couldn't decide if I should be a nurse or a teacher. I finally made the decision to be a nurse because there is SO much teaching I get to do on a daily basis! Even with this said when I am working every 3rd weekend, every other major holiday, crazy shifts I think that maybe I should have been a teacher.

Today I helped in Jacob's class. I was in charge of listening to the kids read these little 8 page books. This one was titled The big, big van. One at a time the kids would walk back where I was sitting and sit down on my right side, write their name on the front page of the book and begin reading to me. They would track the words with either their finger on the pencil they were holding. I was very focused when the kiddos who were right handed were reading, but those lefties kept distracting me. While they were tracking the word I had a perfect view of the top of their left hand. They would say a word and look to me to make sure they were correct and I would catch myself. I had been staring at the beautiful veins in the top of their hands. Since I was on their left side I had a perfect view!

This fetish with beautiful veins carries over for my kids as well. On each of my boys I have the "perfect" vein if one was ever needed. I have no intention of actually starting an IV, but just in case I know which one we will go for first. Jacob's class was lucky to have me today. Had there been an emergency and those 6 little lefties needed an IV infusion in class I would have been there. I did restrain myself, I didn't whip out an alcohol swab and turnicate and touch their vein....but I REALLY wanted to!

I obviously picked the right profession!

February 3, 2010

Captain Noodle Arms

Last night was Clint's 32nd birthday. I worked a dayshift yesterday and was up and gone while everyone was asleep. The 3 older boys quickly got dressed and made their beds they then snuck up the stairs and sat patiently in the dark on the couch until Clint got done feeding Mason a bottle in the bedroom and came out into the living room. When he walked into the living room and turned on the light they jumped from the couch screaming "Happy Birthday Daddy". I think that would be a perfect start to any birthday!

When I got home from work the kids were amped up. Jacob can hardly contain himself because he know once this birthday is out of the way it is time for his day (Friday). We had a great dinner and then sat around and discussed why we loved daddy. Ethan's reasons "I like Daddy and I love him oh and I like to wrestle him". Jacob "I love to wrestle with Daddy" and Noah "I love that Daddy takes me hunting and fishing". It was very sweet. I talked about how I loved how much Clint loved the boys and me, how I loved his sense of humor, and I loved how strong and brave he is - how I always felt safe. This then led into the great debate around our house about my "noddle arms". The boys like to call me "captain noodle arms".

We then gave Clint his presents (Bass Pro gift certificates, a Georgia Bulldogs -shirt, hat and yard gnome and Noah's gift certificate to take him to Scheels to pick out some flys). It was a fun evening with lots of giggle from the kids (my favorite sound!).

With Clint's day officially over it is time to start thinking about Jacob's 6th birthday on Friday. He wants to go to Pizza on Friday and then he wants Clint to smoke ribs and chicken on Sunday. I love Birthdays!