January 11, 2010


I love planning. When I got my job at the hospital I told my supervisor that I don't mind if things change I just love being able to plan. For example my schedule is a template it is repeated every 6 weeks. I use my template to "map out" what my schedule potentially may be. I don't mind if my template changes and I get to do it again (I actually enjoy it). I have mapped out my schedule dozens of times since I have started on Pediatrics (yes....many, many dozen). Needless to say I love planning.

Two summers ago Clint, My Aunt Cheryl, Noah, Jake, Ethan and I drove to Georgia. I loved the planning of where we would drive to, where we would stay, but I also loved the spontaneity of just stopping along the way. I think something is wrong with my brain and extremely painful experiences (hence the reason I kept having babies) since we've decided to once again drive to Georgia. This time my mom will be coming with us and we have also decided to bring Mason (or maybe Mason will be coming with us and we decided to bring my mom). I am actually super excited!

We are planning on going in July. Each day I think about how many miles we can go each day and what we can do. I make these calenders and plan what we could do each day and where we could stay....then I go to sleep. When I wake the next day I change my mind, maybe another hundred miles this day and then we could stay in this town.....or maybe we should go this way. The possibilities are endless.

January 3, 2010


We had a great 2009! It was filled with many blessings and wonderful memories! We wanted to start 2010 off right and we had a great day of sledding! My Dad and Stepmom braved keeping 3 of the boys for a few days and on the day we met to get the boys we went sledding! Heidi and Justin were able to meet us as well! As a mom it was so much fun watching my boys have a great time. As a Pediatric Nurse I was concerned if we would get cell service where we were so I could call Mercy Flight in to get a broken child. Thank goodness we only had a few minor injuries that a hug could fix!

Ethan flying down the hill. He had a great time as long as he was able to use one of the good sleds and he got to go face first!

My dad and Noah going over a jump

Ethan after a good face plant! He didn't cry he just grabbed the sled and trekked up the hill to go again!

Uncle Justin and Noah posing for a picture

Noah getting ready to jump over the snow jump....and Daddy! I was having a heart attack but comes to find out Noah had jumped over Uncle Justin, Papa Tim and the snow jump while I was in the Excursion with the baby.

Jacob flying over the jump!

Mason all bundled hanging out. He loved being outside but hated being constricted in his snowsuit!

Jacob happy after a successful run

We had so much fun that we are planning on going again next weekend. My only request is we get a snow-tube so the landings don't hurt so bad!