March 20, 2011

Keeping the Frat party at bay

I usually work 1 of 2 shifts. Either 7 to 3:30 or 7 to 7:30. Either of these shift can be much longer depending on the day but there is always hope that I will be home shortly after. The days that I get off at 3:30 are great I have the whole evening to help with homework, cook dinner, do dishes and hang with my boys. Often when I come home after my 7:30 shift I feel like I came home to the wrong house. Maybe I accidentally set foot into the frat house.

What could have possibly happened in the 4 extra hours I worked? Where did my sweet little boys with good manners go? I can't help but smile when I open my house and hear all the giggling going on. Even if it is over someones bodily function. There are wrestling tournaments, and Mario tournaments, push up tournaments and eating spicy sauces on pizza tournaments. These are only some of the tournaments that I am privy to knowing about. Some days when I ask them what they've been up to I only get giggling in response. These days it is probably best I didn't know.

Thank goodness there is a little estrogen in this house. My new motto should be "Motherhood keeping the frat parties at bay".

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